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Wine Terms Starting With The Letter 'G'

A micro-négociant specializing in very limited-production wines, often known as "vins de garage," or garage wines, because their production size is such that they could be made in a garage. The movement began on Bordeaux's Right Bank in St.-Emilion with Châteaus Le Pin and Valandraud, but the term is now often applied to micro-négociants the world over.
Portuguese term for a potentially superior quality wine that has seen extended aging in the barrel and bottle.
Garrigue refers to the low-growing vegetation on the limestone hills of the Mediterranean coast, not the limestone itself. There are a bunch of bushy, fragrant plants that grow wild there, such as juniper, thyme, rosemary and lavender, and garrigue refers to the sum of them. Think herbes de Provence, or a mix of fresh minty-herbal notes with more pungent, floral fragrances.
The same active gel found in Jell-O, this animal product is used in the fining process to bind with excess tannins so that they may be removed during filtration.
German term for a commune where wine is produced.
Lower-quality blends with names like "Mountain White" that are frequently made from inexpensive varieties. New World wines using place names such as Chablis or Burgundy as generic terms have largely disappeared thanks to international trade agreements; understandably, wine producers in those places do not appreciate the use of their name on wines from other areas that may be made from different grape varieties or according to different standards.
Geographical Indication
A term used by theWorld Trade Organization to designate a wine region that can produce wines with defined characteristics (such as anAppellation d'origine contrôlée (AOC) in France).
Globalization of wine
Refers to the increasingly international nature of the wine industry, including vineyard management practices, winemaking techniques, wine styles, and wine marketing.
Produced during fermentation, glycerin contributes to the wine’s body.
Australian term for inexpensive box wine.
Goüt de Terroir
French for "the taste of terroir," meaning the unique characteristics imparted by a specific site.
Describes a wine that is harmonious and pleasing in a subtle way.
Uniting two plants so they grow as one. Most often used to join phylloxera-resistant rootstock with vitis vinifera buds that will bear fruit.
Grains nobles
A phrase that may appear on French wine labels from Alsace, Condrieu, Coteaux du Layon and Maconto indicate a wine made from botrytis-infected grapes.
Gran Reserva
Gran Reserva, the highest level of Spain’s quality categories, is only made in the best vintages. This distinction requires reds to be aged at least five years with a minimum of two in oak.
Grand Cru
French, literally "great growth," or the top tier of vineyards and their wines in regions that use the term. For example, in Burgundy, these wines are one step above Premier Cru.
Grand Cru Classé
French term used to categorize vineyards by quality. In Bordeaux’s Médoc region, for example, five levels of Grand Cru Classé were established in 1855.
Grand Vin
The premier cuvée made by a winery. Grand vin, or "great wine," is an unregulated term frequently used in Bordeaux to indicate that a wine is the best of multiple wines made at a given winery.
Grand cru
French term for a "Great growth" or vineyard. In Burgundy, the term is regulated to a define list ofGrand cru vineyards.
Grande Marque
French term for a famous brand of wine, most commonly associated with the large Champagne houses.
Spanish term for a sparkling wine that has been tank fermented as opposed to going through secondary fermentation in the bottle according to the Traditional Method used for Cava production
Characterized by simple flavors and aromas associated with fresh table grapes; distinct from the more complex fruit flavors (currant, black cherry, fig or apricot) found in fine wines.
A signature descriptor for Sauvignon Blanc and a pleasant one unless overbearing and pungent.
Gray Rot
Gray rot sets in when the fruit fungus Botrytis cinerea, as a result of persistent wet, humid conditions, overruns a crop and destroys the fruit. Fruit afflicted with gray rot appears to be covered in a carpet of gray fur.
Tasting of unripe fruit. Wines made from unripe grapes will often possess this quality. Generally not considered a positive attribute but may be pleasant in Riesling and Gewürztraminer.
Green Harvest
The trimming of unripe grapes to decrease crop yields, thereby improving the concentration of the remaining bunches.
A red wine grape of the Rhone Valley of France, and elsewhere (especially Spain). In the southern Rhone, Grenache replaces Syrah as the most important grape (Syrah being more important in the north).
A welcome firmness of texture, usually from tannin, which helps give definition to wines such as Cabernet and Port.
Grosses Gewächs
A dry wine made from a vineyard that has been designated as an Erste Lage ("Great Growth") by the wine grower association VDP.
A German designation for a cluster of vineyards within a Bereichas opposed to an Einzellage which is a single vineyard.
Grown, Produced And Bottled
Means the winery handled each aspect of wine growing.
In Hungary, the traditional oak cask used to age Tokaji.

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