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Vino Pair Serves Up Gourmet Food and Wine Expertise

August 9th, 2016

Properly pairing food and wine at home is daunting even for foodies, especially if the right ingredients are not on hand. Based in Parkville’s commercial caves, Vino Pair founders Michael and Mindy Kearns make pairings painless through their subscription-based specialty food and wine business.

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VinoPair Makes it Easy to Perfectly Pair and Share Food and Wine

May 18th, 2016

To develop each food and wine pairing, VinoPair provides a bottle of the wine with tasting notes to a consulting chef or restaurant industry professional. Chef Marita Swift of Californos, Michael Werner, managing partner of The Jacobson, and Nathan Decaro, corporate chef for Pro Athlete, Inc. have each developed food-and-wine pairings by trying the wine and drawing on their flavor pairing expertise. The chef selects items from 1,500 products in a specialty food supplier database provided by VinoPair.

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Online Company Features Chef-Selected Food Perfectly Paired With Quality Wine

May 3rd, 2016

At Vino Pair, a new online service offering chef-selected tastes with perfectly paired quality wines, customers will have the opportunity to enjoy exploring their own tastes, determine what they like and hone their palate all in the comfort of their own kitchen... almost as if a chef had prepared it and paired it with a bottle of wine.

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Northland Lifestyle Magazine - VINO PAIR: Finding The Perfect Pairings

February 20th, 2016

Lasting impressions are created through taste buds. Entertaining friends, a new client or anyone worthy of being impressed by the best food or drink creates a challenge to serve unique and memorable cuisine experiences. Chefs worldwide make a living off people’s taste buds. Sadly, most of us are not chefs.

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