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The Gypsy Cheese Company

The Gypsy Cheese Company

Valley Ford, California
Phone: (707) 876-4609
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About The Gypsy Cheese Company

Jon and Lauren Bowne founded Gypsy Cheese Co. in 2013, with the help of their young son Benjamin.  After years of living in San Francisco, spending days working as attorneys and their free time experimenting and dreaming like food entrepreneurs,  the Bownes moved to the North Bay to pursue a life of rural harmony and cheesemaking.  Jon and Lauren craft their cheeses entirely by hand in small batches, using the best milk from local dairies.  Their goal is to create enjoyable and unique cheeses, and to have fun together doing so. The Bownes have settled in Valley Ford (20 minutes west of Petaluma), which has a dairy heritage over a century old, and has more recently become a hub of cheesemaking during the North Bay’s cheese renaissance.  Valley Ford’s foggy, salty air creates wonderful atmosphere for cheese ripening, and its pastoral vistas inspire the fromage artiste. The Bownes philosophy is to maintain simple cheesemaking practices that allow amazing and unique Valley Ford terroir to shine.  The milk is never pasteurized and only minimal amounts of commercial cultures are utilized.  Most of the magic happens simply by allowing the milk and local environment to freely interact.  

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