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Shy Brothers Farm

Shy Brothers Farm

PO Box 422 1325 Main Rd Westport Point, Massachusetts 02791
Phone: (508) 333-2626
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About Shy Brothers Farm


The Shy Brothers’ farm encompasses the highest land in a peninsula between the two branches of the Westport River. The farm gets cooling breezes in the summer, even fog some days. The salt air moderates temperatures in the winter months. The cows are able to stay at pasture longer than most in the region. The brothers are careful with their animals and of course don’t use any antibiotics or hormones on their milkers. The brothers control the quality of their herd, one of the secrets to great artisanal cheese! These unique cheeses start in the pasture, on our hill, in our fog and sunshine and salt air. Our cheeses can’t be duplicated because of the unique characteristics of our soil, our grasses, and our microclimate. We milk before the sun comes up each day, and that very fresh milk becomes our Hannahbells. Karl carefully pasteurizes our milk so as to protect maximum natural enzymes. We then add imported cultures and natural rennet under Karl’s watchful eye at precisely the exact temperatures needed to get the creaminess he demands of the cheeses. After carefully tending the cheeses for a week, he moves them into the ripening room, where they mature for a few more days until he decides they are ready. All of our cheese are made using the oldest technique: letting the milk and culture do the work. No heat, no pressing, no hurrying. The flavor develops over 4 days for Cloumage and 10 for Hannah-bells. We import two forms of delicious edible mold from France that both protect the cheese and add to the complexity of the flavors. On Hannah-bells you can see the exterior mold continuing to form, becoming more delicious. On Cloumage, you just taste it…and taste it…and taste it…

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