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Sequatchie Cove

Sequatchie Cove

320 Dixon Cove Rd Sequatchie, Tennessee 37374
Phone: (423) 942-9201
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About Sequatchie Cove

Sequatchie Cove Farm is owned and operated by Bill and Miriam Keener and their families. Bill Keener and Randall Tomlinson care and tend to the 40 plus head of dairy cows that provide the creamery with milk each day. Every morning and evening the mostly Jersey and Jersey/Holstein crosses are brought in from the pastures to be milked, rain or shine. Each day the cows enjoy their forages and sunshine while Bill and Randall busily oversee pasture health, milk quality, genetics, on-farm breeding, calving, and milking equipment. That is in addition to the myriad of other projects and creatures on the farm that require daily attention. This devotion to detail, the animals, and stewardship of the land is what ensures the creamery has the very best and most crucial ingredient available to start the cheese make: pure clean milk.

Sequatchie Cove Made in Tennessee