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Sartori Cheese

Sartori Cheese

107 N. Pleasant View Road Plymouth, Wisconsin 53703
Phone: (800) 558-5888
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About Sartori Cheese

Our family crest nods to the people, places and experiences that define us. The ship icon refers to The Finlandia, the steamer that carried our founder Paolo Sartori to America, where he would later achieve his own American Dream, starting in 1939 when he started the company. The cows are an acknowledgement of our farm-to-fork ethos and of the special relationships we have with our family farmers, many of whom have supplied us milk for several generations. We also have an image of the state of Wisconsin, not just because it is the source of the finest cheese anywhere, but because it is our home that has shaped us as much as anything else. Finally, our crest is topped by a crown – which represents our aspiration to make the best cheese in the world – to which we just added a 4th star since the latest generation of the Sartori family just recently joined the business.

Sartori Cheese Made in Wisconsin