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Robinson Farm

Robinson Farm

42 Jackson Rd Hardwick, Massachusetts 01037
Phone: (413) 477-6988
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About Robinson Farm

Located in rural Hardwick, Massachusetts, Robinson Farm has been a family farm since 1892 — Now operated by the Fourth generation! A diversified organic farm, we take pride in producing excellent quality farmstead products. In our farmstand, we sell fresh raw cow's milk, grass fed beef, organic eggs, seasonal vegetables, our own artisanal farmstead cheese, as well as local goat cheese, yogurt and maple syrup. For 2013 our cheese will be available at the following farmer's markets: Hardwick, Somerville (with Misty Brook Farm), Copley Square, Marblehead, and Westborough (with Crystal Brook Farm). Our small-scale dairy is a mixed herd of 100% grass-fed Holstein, Normandy and Jersey cows and crosses of the same breeds. Our cows graze on our own certified organic pasture, to naturally improve the soil and sustain the land. Allowing the cows fresh air, sunshine and green grass promotes their health and the quality of our products. No BST or hormones are used in the herd. No antibiotic treated cows are included in the milking cows. Heifers are raised on pasture and in the barn, on colostrum, raw milk and hay. Once separated from their mothers, they are bottle fed, then nipple bucket fed before weaning.

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