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Pure Luck Farm & Dairy

Pure Luck Farm & Dairy

3000 Martin Rd Dripping Springs, Texas 78620
Phone: 512-917-2803
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About Pure Luck Farm & Dairy

In 1979, Sara Sweetser bought eleven acres and an old homestead on Barton Creek to raise her daughters, Gitana and Amelia, then four and two years old. At the time, no one was farming the large, sloping pasture fronting fertile Barton Creek, but the land had been a working tomato farm in the 1930′s. Sara’s appreciation of “well-tilled soil” (like a Hobbit!) led to a productive vegetable garden. While taking care of a friend’s goats, Sara fell in love. Her affection for animals resulted in pets in the form of dogs, cats, birds, and a small herd of dairy goats. Another friend’s beautiful cheeses inspired her to make her own. The goat milk, vegetables from her gardens, and cheese were just the kind of quality food she wanted for her family.

In 1983, Sara met Denny Bolton, who was working at a local plant nursery. They fell in love, got married a year later, and had two more daughters, Claire and Hope. Denny is a third-generation nursery person, a landscaper, a writer, and an organic gardener. It seemed only natural that they would find a way to work together in business as well as love. Even better – all four girls grew up working the soil and milking goats! Putting their heads together in 1988, Sara and Denny were one of the first farms in Texas to file the paperwork to be recognized by the Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA) as a “Certified Organic Farm.” Sara came up with the farm name, saying that it was Pure Luck that it worked! The first crop Pure Luck grew for sale was cucumbers. In the early 1990s, Sara and Gitana grew about half an acre of them. There were cukes everywhere – Whole Foods Market appreciated the fact that the cucumbers were organic and from Texas, and was willing to be a buyer. Pure Luck soon began growing fresh cut, organically grown culinary herbs. Sometime in 1990, Sara and Denny added organically grown cut flowers to the farm. By 1996, cut flowers had become no less than half of the business. The batches of cheese that Sara made for family and friends were so well received that in 1995, she made the major decision to start a Grade A Goat Dairy. Since then, Pure Luck’s dedication to quality and the family’s love for the goats have resulted in several national cheese honors. These days, both cheesemaking and organic farming are alive and thriving at Pure Luck. Delicious and highly respected cheeses are top priority at the cheese plant, while the goats are cared for with kindness and joy. Back on that sloping, fertile field, rows and rows of herbs – interspersed with a stand of flowers or a patch of melons – are soaking up the Texas sun and waiting to be weeded. Today, Pure Luck splits it’s love right down the middle – digging in the dirt and scooping curd.

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