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Prodigal Farm

Prodigal Farm

4720 Bahama Rd Rougemount, North Carolina 27572
Phone: (919) 477-5653
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About Prodigal Farm

We create handcrafted farmstead cheeses, breads, produce and farm-crafted specialty items on our 97-acre farm in rural Rougemont, North Carolina. Our family farm is centered around our pastured Animal Welfare Approved goat herd. We are Dave Krabbe and Kathryn Spann, and Prodigal Farm is our labor of love. Kathryn's mother's family, the Hamptons, farmed tobacco for generations in this small area. Kathryn moved to wicked New York City, where she practiced law for many years. There, she met Dave standing in line to see a musician from Nashville. Soon, we decided to return to Kathryn's roots and Dave's long-time dream of farming. We purchased a farm in Rougemont, in rural northern Durham County. The farm is bounded by Hampton Road—we have truly come home. Our farm, with its 120-year-old farmhouse, huge old oak trees, and original log tobacco barns, mule barn, corn crib, smokehouse and other outbuildings, is a constant reminder of history. When we moved in, the longtime tobacco fields and even the barns were overgrown and had long been out of service. The old mule harnesses and tack hung in the barns; the wooden wagons sat under sheds. Time held its breath here. We started with a few goats to help us clear away the poison ivy, brambles and other vines. Miraculously, the goats turned the overgrowth into milk, and Kathryn turned the milk into cheese—and it was good! We needed more goats. Then we needed a dairy.

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