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Online Company Features Chef-Selected Food Perfectly Paired With Quality Wine

May 3, 2016

Ashley Cleveland


Kansas City website introduces a distinctive business that bases unique upscale tasting menu on wine.

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – At Vino Pair, a new online service offering chef-selected tastes with perfectly paired quality wines, customers will have the opportunity to enjoy exploring their own tastes, determine what they like and hone their palate all in the comfort of their own kitchen... almost as if a chef had prepared it and paired it with a bottle of wine.

Michael Kearns, founder and CEO of Vino Pair, had a hobby in food and wine long before he started the company. With the amazing popularity of small plates and tasting menus that has swept the country in the past several years, Kearns married that concept with the trend of home delivery subscription based businesses for this distinct concept.

The company sources chef-selected food items to pair with quality wines. The unique combination of flavors creates new experiences that customers can enjoy or gift to friends through a monthly subscription or simply by purchasing one perfectly-packaged box at a time.

“Because we know wine can be intimidating, we want to change that and make both wine and wine pairing fun and enjoyable for our customers. The whole concept behind Vino Pair is to create an experience from the very moment the box arrives through to the last bite or swallow of wine,” Kearns said.

“We love hearing and learning about the customers experiences with the tastings and how our pairings and our tasting offerings have become a true engaging experience, not simply a package that was delivered and put on a shelf.”  

Vino Pair sources all of its wines from small wine producers in a variety of regions with 90+ ratings and/or festival winners. Mostly from California, Oregon and Washington, the wines aren’t your typical restaurant or liquor store variety.

“As we travel and uncover some experimental blending or wines that have been created with unique and exciting techniques, we want to tell those stories through Vino Pair,” said Kearns.

With consultation from creative chefs in the Kansas City area, a hotbed of some of the country’s top culinary talents, the wines are paired with amazing specialty food producers from throughout the country. Examples include: rose-petal jam, lavender-fennel pollen goat cheese and strawberry-walnut compote.

“We offer the chefs a number of possible pairing choices that we’ve hand selected from the hundreds of American-made artisan specialty food companies who care deeply about quality. Many are family owned and spend a lot of time developing their products,” Kearns said. “These are products that customers won’t be able to find at their local grocery stores and that’s what makes this pairing special.”

Finally, everything is shipped fresh to the customers’ door in a well-organized, recyclable, refrigerated box with a step-by-step recipe-instruction card for how to easily assemble the pairings. Each month’s box includes tastes for at least four to six people and one bottle of wine for $79.95 - Shipping included. Wine selection and tastes depend on the season.

Vino Pair was started by local entrepreneurs, Michael and Mindy Kearns, who have a passion for elevating taste to the next level. The business is located in Parkville, Mo. a suburb of Kansas City, Mo., in the Park University Commercial Underground. The caves of the Park Commercial Underground complex provide a natural temperature giving the wine and cheese a constant, humidity-controlled environment ideal for storing and aging wine and cheese.

Vino Pair can be found online at, Twitter @vinopair, Instagram @vinopair, Facebook @vinopairkc, and Pinterest @vinopair.

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