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Nature's Harmony Farm

Nature's Harmony Farm

1984 Bakers Ferry Rd Elberton, Georgia 30635
Phone: 000 000-0000
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About Nature's Harmony Farm

In 2010 Nature’s Harmony Farm began its journey into traditional, handmade cheese making. A passion for old-world style cheesemaking and for cheeses reflective of the region’s local terroir guided those early recipes. Quickly Nature’s Harmony cheese became something the region and farmers could take pride in. At Nature’s Harmony, we’re old school. We honor artisan traditions by handcrafting distinctive raw-milk, natural-rind cheeses, each wheel unique. We hand stir, hand pierce and hand hoop every wheel. Once you savor a bite you’ll see why there’s no need to import blues, cheddars or Alpine cheese from overseas when you can get world-class cheese right here from our family farm.

2015 marks the fifth year for Nature’s Harmony cheese. We expect to produce 25,000 pounds of cheese this year, all by hand. For sure, that’s a tiny amount compared to most cheese producers, even compared to many artisan cheese producers, but it’s double what was produced two years ago and continues to grow. We hope that you are able to enjoy some for yourself and savor the good life.

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