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Mt Townsend Creamery

Mt Townsend Creamery

338 Sherman St Port Townsend, Washington 98368
Phone: (360) 379-0895
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About Mt Townsend Creamery

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We came to the Pacific Northwest to experience its rugged beauty and adventure. We were touched by green valleys where food grows wild, by pure salty air and silver laced skies, by dramatic landscape where mountains meet the sea. In 2006 we were inspired by our community's vibrant food culture to pursue a vision of making cheese never before attempted here. It would be as authentic, interesting, complex, and rich as our surroundings, where subtlety and grandeur are perfectly balanced and available for all. It would be made using the milk produced by local dairies that have been working this land since it was originally settled. It would reflect the character of its community and the essence of the land. Today you can discover Northwest flavor in every bite.

Mt Townsend Creamery Made in Washington