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Meadowood Farms

Meadowood Farms

5157 Ridge Rd Cazenovia, New York 13035
Phone: (315) 655-0623
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About Meadowood Farms

While in search of an historic property on which to start a “sustainable, model farm”, Marc Schappell and Tom Anderson stumbled across Meadowood Farms visiting Cazenovia from New York City for a wedding one summer weekend in 1995. Little did they know they would leave Cazenovia that weekend wedded themselves to Meadowood Farms… and thus began a long journey to first reclaim and historically restore the main house, followed by re-appending land parcels that had been divided off over the years from the farm, along with buying new, contiguous land that once had been a part of the two century old Cook Farm.

Dave Cook and his wife Ellie still live, in fact, on what had originally been his great, great, grandfather’s land. Over time, a number of barns on the farm have been re-purposed and restored accordingly. A late 1700’s “English threshing” barn has also been dismantled piece by piece and moved to the farm as part of the “new” complex of barns. The farm is vibrant today, perhaps in many of the same ways it was vibrant 100 years ago for the Chards, and now encompasses 225 acres, bordered by state preserved lands. The farm has a nationally recognized herd of Belted Galloway cattle, which form a livestock breeding operation. A foundation flock of pure-bred East Fresian ewes form the basis of a sheep dairy, which is producing yoghurt and several varieties of cheeses. In addition, the farm sells all-natural beef and lamb, as well as blankets woven from its’ own sheep wool. It takes many hands to make Meadowood Farms viable. Dustin James, Fiona Harrar, and Veronica Pedraza are just some of the people you can read about on the following pages who make Meadowood Farms what it is today.

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