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Maplebrook Farm

453 East Rd Bennington, Vermont 05201
Phone: (802) 440-9950
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We are pleased to welcome Domenico Marchitelli to our staff with over 25 years experience. Domenico comes directly from the region of Italy where Burrata had its inception. No longer is it necessary to import “the real thing” from across the ocean when you can get it here in the United States at Maplebrook Farm in Bennington, VT. This is made exactly as they do in Puglia by a master cheesemaker who was brought up stretching curd into mozzarella and filling it with this luscious creamy center to create Burrata. His technique, background and knowledge define him as “the one” to create this authentic product. The soft buttery center is made from fresh cream and stracciatelli (shreds of mozzarella). When you cut into the burrata, the center oozes out. It can be cut in half and served in a deep plate, paired with fresh tomatoes, fragrant basil, or peaches and rosemary. Its center can be scooped with a crusty bread and accompanied by a bottle of wine. Try tossing burrata in pasta or serving prosciutto and figs with it. Truly a versatile delicacy. Domenico does not believe in sacrificing the old world techniques in his cheesemaking and this is why he feels that Maplebrook Farm is a perfect fit for him. We are delighted to have a burrata master cheesemaker direct from Puglia, making it in our facility, here in the mountains of Vermont.

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