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Lakin's Gorges Cheese

Lakin's Gorges Cheese

461 Commercial Street Rockport, Maine 04856
Phone: (207) 230-4318
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About Lakin's Gorges Cheese

Traditional Italian ricotta was made from whey, not whole milk. In the United States, most people are familiar with whole milk ricotta in a tub that is delicious in lasagna. My basket molded ricotta is made with whole milk but is certainly not like mass produced cheese. And it is different - creamy, sweet, sliceable... delicious. Starting with cow's milk scented with sweet grass and clover, transforming the milk to curds and whey, and, finally, molding the curd into baskets with my own hands. The result is ricotta unlike any you have tasted: basket molded, hand-ladled, whole cow's milk Ricotta made from Organic Maine milk. The cheese, made without salt or preservatives, has a creamy texture and a sweet, mild flavor and can be eaten sliced on a cheese plate or used as an ingredient in either sweet or savory preparations.

Lakin's Gorges Cheese Made in Maine