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Green Dirt Farm

Green Dirt Farm

20363 Mt Bethel Rd Weston, Missouri 64098
Phone: (816) 386-2156
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About Green Dirt Farm

Owner/Cheese Maker Sarah Hoffmann and Owner/Farmer Jacqueline Smith share a commitment to bring the best farmstead sheep's milk cheeses, yogurt and 100% grass-fed lamb to market. Set in the bluffs above the Missouri River Valley about 40 miles northwest of Kansas City, Missouri, the terrain of the farm is steep and rolling with beautiful views of the surrounding countryside. Our lovely high pastures receive cool breezes in the summer, and low areas offer dense shade and meandering streams for blistering summer days. In winter, the trees offer shelter from freezing winds, and the hills provide our sheep the opportunity to soak up the sun's warmth. Due to the steepness of the land and the highly erodible nature of the soil, the ground here is best suited to permanent pasture.

Green Dirt Farm Made in Missouri