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Frequently Asked Questions


Where does VinoPair ship products?

Since VinoPair ships wine, there are some limitations to where we can ship due to different state-by-state, direct-to-consumer shipping laws.  We presently ship wine to Missouri, California, Idaho, and New Mexico.  We are working on getting wine to more customers/states, so check back soon to see our progress with the shipping laws.  

How long does delivery take?

We ship 2-day Fed Ex Express by default.  Your order should be delivered within 2 business days. If your anticipation is so great and you cannot wait to receive your VinoPair, FedEx Overnight is also available for an additional $29.95 shipping charge.

What does VinoPair charge for shipping?

All shipments are guaranteed FREE, FedEx Express 2-Day Air!  

Does VinoPair ship year round?

Yes!  We have worked long and hard at creating a unique shipping box, which is a refrigerated/insulated box that can withstand hot and cold temperatures, for shipping our products. The boxes are designed to keep your VinoPair safe and secure, and, most importantly be at the proper temperature for eating and drinking when you receive it.

Can the shipping materials be recycled?

Yes.  Not only is the box made from 100% recycled materials, the many elements in the box can all be recycled.   See our recycling guide for complete details.

What the best address to use for shipping?

Your business address!  Since VinoPair does ship some perishable/refrigerated products, we recommend, if possible, that you choose your business address as your ship to address, to ensure a faster delivery time and someone 21 or over available to sign.  Also, to ensure the quality of your perishable items if you do not plan on eating and drinking right away, please remember to refrigerate the items as soon as you receive your VinoPair.

When is my VinoPair shipped?

When you choose a VinoPair subscription or you gift a VinoPair, your order is prepared and shipped out the same day you order when ordered before 8:00 PM (Central Standard Time) on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesdays.  

Orders shipped on Monday will arrive at their destinations on Wednesday.
Orders shipped on Tuesday will arrive at their destinations on Thursday.
Orders shipped on Wednesday will arrive at the destinations on Friday.

To ensure the ultimate in product freshness, orders are not shipped on Thursday and Friday, because those packages will sit over the weekend in a truck before they are delivered to you the following week.

If you are a VinoPair subscriber, every month your VinoPair will ship near the month-iversary date of your order. (For example: If you order on March 16th, we will ship your next VinoPair on April 16th, etc. If your anniversary date falls on a holiday, or Thursday, Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, we will ship out after)

How do I track my order?

As soon as we are ready to ship your order we will send you an email with the delivery information. After that you will be able to track your order under by logging in to your account or by clicking the tracking link in your shipping confirmation email.  It may take up to 24 hours before tracking information is updated.