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Coach Farm Enterprises, Inc.

Coach Farm Enterprises, Inc.

105 Mill Hill Rd Pine Plains, New York 12567
Phone: (914) 241-2300
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About Coach Farm Enterprises, Inc.

Faithful to the traditional methods of the French farmstead cheesemaker, we at the Coach Farm are turning out authentic, artisanal goat cheeses that were once found only in the remote villages of France. Our farm is located in a small Hudson Valley village, just two hours outside of New York City. We have, at present count over 900 French Alpine dairy goats, born and raised on our farm. The small, white-tiled creamery where we make our cheeses connects directly to the milking parlor. Since they were first introduced almost twenty years ago, Coach Farm cheeses have won many competitions and awards and have gained wide recognition and a large, loyal following. These cheeses, both fresh and aged, are premium cheeses that enjoy an important presence in upscale specialty stores and restaurants. Coach Farm goat cheeses are served in many of New York’s three and four-star restaurants, a number of whom identify them by name on their menus, just as they do their fine wines. Orders are shipped directly from the farm, the fresh cheeses often arriving within only a few days of the milking. Our regular customers call us (or we call them) once a week to place their orders.

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