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Cherry Glen Farm

Cherry Glen Farm

16120 Barnesville Rd. Boyds, Maryland 20841
Phone: (301) 428-3599
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About Cherry Glen Farm

Welcome to Cherry Glen Farm! We are a 58-acre farm in the agricultural reserve in upper Montgomery County, MD. We are a true farmstead operation. Our family and staff raise a show-quality milking herd of four major breeds and recorded grades. We take great care in breeding our goats and have an amazing herd! We show competitively and have had National Champions in both Alpines and Toggenburgs. In the past five years we have also launched a very successful cheesemaking operation. You can find 100% American Farmstead Cherry Glen Dairy Goat Cheese in farmers markets, retail locations, and restaurants throughout the DC/MD/VA area. We are currently working on expanding our markets to other locations throughout the East Coast.

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