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Hey Chefs - Showoff your talents and share your favorite flavor affinities with your fans.  

"Chefs Are Soldiers of Spice on the Front Line of Flavor!"
Let VinoPair :
  • Source all the food and wine
  • Fulfill orders all year round with refrigerated boxes
  • Ship FedEx 2-Day Express Air Shipments
  • Provide customer service for all customers.

Benefits For The Chef / Restauranteur


  • VinoPair will include 20 Questions About You in a Chef blog on
  • VinoPair will include Your Restaurant in a Restaurant blog on
  • Your Restaurant will be linked to several times in the posts.
  • VinoPair will issue a Press Release noting the partnership.
  • This provides Co-op Marketing with the gourmet foodie culture VinoPair is attracting.
  • Share with your social network and let them know the cool things you're doing.

    Media Assets

    • All photos and video that VinoPair creates is yours, too.
    • It will be delivered in a zip file to download online once it’s ready.
    • These assets can be used on your social media properties or website.

      Above: Chef Nathan Decaro performing in a video shoot on location at his house in his kitchen.

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