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Chardonnay Wine Paired With Cheddar Cheese

What Is Cheddar Cheese

Cheddar is made from cow’s milk cheese. Big slabs of curd are stacked and flipped to release more whey, then the curds are shredded and pressed into big molds during the cheddaring process. Dairy cows eat differently throughout the year and this causes natural color variations in the milk. To make cheddar more appealing, yellow cheddar has dye added to it. The natural dye is from the annatto seed and is used to make the cheddar cheese appear a consistent color.  White cheddar is cheddar’s natural color. Sharp cheddar is simply aged cheddar. The more the cheddar is aged, the more tangier the flavor. Also, as cheddar is aged, it hardens because of the development of small salt-like crystals called calcium lactate.  Interested in more about Cheddar Cheese.

What Is Chardonnay Wine

Chardonnay is a white wine varietal with typical fruit flavors of berry, fruit and citrus which can also include flavors of herb, spice, flower, mineral, and earth. When chardonnay is oaked, aged in oak barrels before bottling, flavors of vanilla, baked tart, sugar, toast, dill, coconut, and praline can be introduced. The fruitier a chardonnay is, the better it’s going to taste with cheddar. If a chardonnay is too oaky, the vanilla and toast flavors will compete with the cheese. An exception to this is if you are enjoying a clothbound cheddar.  A big, bold cabernet sauvignon is going to be the best choice.

Cheddar Cheese and Chardonnay are a perfect match when paired together, which creates unique textures and flavors which leave new tastes lingering in your mouth.  

What's A Vino Pair?

A Vino Pair is 4-5 chef-selected food items paired with a bottle of hand-selected, artisan wine. The box can be shipped year round since the items are refrigerated and shipped free 2-Day Air. Also, a pairing guide is included with each box that shows how to create the perfect bite.

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