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Caromont Farm

Caromont Farm

9261 Old Green Mountain Rd Esmont, Virginia 22937
Phone: (434) 831-1393
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About Caromont Farm

Caromont Farm is located 23 miles south of Charlottesville, Virginia, in the heart of Virginia’s Piedmont region. We produce both fresh and aged cheeses using milk from Gail Hobbs-Page’s herd of Alpines, Saanens, and La Mancha goats. Caromont’s cow’s milk cheeses are produced from milk sourced from Nathan Vergins’ herd of grass fed Jerseys at Silky Cow Farm in nearby North Garden, Virginia. All cheeses are made “on farm” and are hand ladled, tended daily, and follow a seasonal path. At Caromont, we strive to create cheeses of “place” using quality milk from animals raised on the principles of natural husbandry and grass-based management. Gail, Daniel, and everyone at Caromont Farm, holds a strong belief that great cheese comes only from great milk, and we remain true to that fact.

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