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Berkshire Cheese LLC

Berkshire Cheese LLC

20 Chrissey Road Great Barrington, Massachusetts 01230
Phone: (413) 842-5128

About Berkshire Cheese LLC

Berkshire Blue is a raw Jersey cow's milk cheese crafted by hand working with small batches of milk picked up right after morning milking at a nearby farm whose herd is dedicated soley to supplying our dairy. Other than the truck, pump, and heating and refrigeration equipment, no machinery is involved in the process. Vats are hand-stirred, curds are hand-cut and hand-ladled into small, three-pound molds which are hand-turned, hand-needled, and hand-turned again (more than 24 times in all). The cheese is then hand-wrapped and labeled. All this, along with periodic core sampling during the maturing period, ensures that each small wheel is closely inspected many times during the nine weeks it takes to become Berkshire Blue. 

Since the year 2000, it has been made in Berkshire County, MA. Berkshire Blue owes its smooth, moist texture and subtle flavor to this long process—one requiring more than 12 hours of attendance in the make room alone—as well as to an extra battery of introduced cultures: Two types of starters, two blue molds, one white mold, and vegetable rennet. Salt is introduced not in the vat, but by an overnight soak in brine, requiring a two-day stay in a separate draining room with twice daily turnings. Between 30 and 40 days in the maturing room are next, where each wheel is turned every other day. The final step is a period in the cold room, with weekly turnings. The process here is identical to that in England, except for an additional 15 days of aging to comply with Federal regulations regarding products made with unpasturized milk. As is rather apparent, we're quite proud of our Berkshire Blue, and we welcome the opportunity to provide further information on its making, as well as our recommendations for serving it as an hors d'oeuvre, with salads, or in a proper cheese course.

Berkshire Cheese LLC Made in Massachusetts