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Beemster cheeses come from a farmers’ co-op in The Netherlands that has been making delicious cheeses for over a century. On the next pages you will discover how the great taste of Beemster cheese is created and developed over time, culminating in the most famous cheese from The Netherlands. Beemster cheeses originate in the quiet, canal lined pastures of North Holland where cows have grazed freely for 400 years. The milk from this region is renowned for its rich texture and sweet taste. In 1612, Dutch engineers, using a system of dykes and windmills, drained the marshes and bogs of the Beemster polder and converted the land into pastures. The polder is now a UNESCO World Heritage site. Nourished by sea water, the clay soil left behind is nutrient and mineral rich,with a distinctive slate blue color. This terroir yields grasses that are more fertile and thicker and longer than others, giving the milk produced here an especially sweet and creamy quality.

Our Master Cheesemakers will only let cheese leave the warehouse if it has full taste and creamy texture. #cheese #maturation #tastetest #beemster #nom

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Using only natural ingredients, Beemster’s Master Cheesemakers follow traditional, secret recipes handed down through generations. During an apprenticeship under the Master Cheesemaker himself, our craftsmen learn the historic, artisanal techniques used to make each wheel of Beemster the finest of its class. The result is exceptionally smooth and creamy cheeses that have won gold medals in competitions all over the world.

Beemster Made in Netherlands