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Ballard Family Dairy & Cheese

Ballard Family Dairy & Cheese

1764 S 2100 E Gooding, Idaho 83330
Phone: (208) 934-4972
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About Ballard Family Dairy & Cheese

Ballard Family Dairy & Cheese, based in Gooding, Idaho, creates award-winning cheeses, including Idaho White Cheddar; Truffle Salt Cheddar; Pepper Cheddar; cheese curds in seven flavors; Baby Swiss; Danish Pearl (Gouda Style); Jersey Dream (Feta Style); and Idaho Golden Greek Grilling Cheese (Halloumi Style).

Ballard Cheese, which was founded nine years ago, makes its cheeses in small, handmade batches to ensure the finest quality and richest taste for consumers. The milk used comes from a small herd of approximately 100 rbST-free Jersey Cows.

Home for a few days. Cows are and eating breakfast for the day. While there up eating we clean out the pen & laying out new straw for bedding.

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Ballard Cheese has invested heavily in efficiencies and sustainability while ensuring that quality and freshness remain priorities for the company. In 2013, Ballard Cheese was recognized for its environmental stewardship at the US Dairy Sustainability Awards in Washington, DC.

Ballard Family Dairy & Cheese Made in Idaho