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Annabella Creamery

Annabella Creamery

Boulder, Colorado
Phone: (305) 510-0054
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About Annabella Creamery

Annabella was created by the Salazar family's Farm & Fields, now in its third generation as producers of top-quality, sustainable coffee, herbs, flowers and fresh produce. Farm & Fields started out as a small coffee business, then expanded into fresh cut flowers, herbs and, most recently, fresh produce. As a family business, we take extra care in everything we do -- not because we have to – but because our name is on every product. We work with our grower partners in Colombia and Ecuador, whom we consider to be part of our family, to produce the highest quality products for the U.S. market. Our grower partners take advantage of Farm & Fields' social programs for education, health care, and housing. We use organic growing methods without chemical inputs, both to protect the health of our workers and nurture the environment we want to preserve for our next generations.

Annabella Creamery Made in Colorado