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101+ Real Estate Agent Gift Ideas For Clients

101+ gifts ideas real estate professionals buy for their clients

Why Buy A Gift For Your Next Client?

The majority of real estate professionals seem to believe in giving some sort of client gift after a real estate transaction.  There's a consensus among the believers, based on the research I performed, that gifting helps a client remember the agents' name for referral when they have a family member or friend that needs to move.

Some agents shared they have 25-35% of their home sales driven by referral leads.  So referrals matter!

Here are some considerations from real estate agents around the US about real estate client gifting.

For ideas about what to purchase for your client, pay attention to what the client is posting on social media.  When you determine what interests and hobbies your client has, then just refer to the list below to up your real estate gifting awesomesauce and watch the referrals flow in.

Personalized Gifts

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Localized Gift Ideas

Pet Owners

Equipment Gifts

Technology Gifts

Food and Wine

A: Section 8 of the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act states that "no person shall give and no person shall accept any fee, kickback, or thing of value pursuant to any agreement or understanding, oral or otherwise, that business incident to or a part of a real estate settlement service involving a federally related mortgage loan shall be referred to any person."

In this case, you are going to give a gift, with no strings attached. It is nothing more than a thank you for being a client.

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