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The Marin French Cheese Company

Products From The Marin French Cheese Company

The Marin French Cheese Company is one of the first manufacturers to ever produce fresh artisan cheese in the state of California.

The Marin French Cheese Company was started by Jefferson Thomas in his West Marin County dairy.

The company has been producing cheese since 1865.  If fact, it's first cheese was transported via horse-drawn trailers to Petaluma, CA, then from there, via steamboat schooner to the dock workers in San Francisco, CA.  Well-known for his brie and camembert, Mr. Thomas also produced a "treat" they called breakfast cheese.

Wait -- What's breakfast cheese? 

According to Marin French Cheese Company Breakfast Cheese product page, breakfast cheese is:  

"... a fresh expression of our sweet local milk and cream, captures the essence of cool coastal breezes rolling over our Petaluma creamery and satisfies a craving for creamy, tangy fresh cheese with morning toast or evening cocktails."

The breakfast cheese sounds amazing -- I need to try some!!

The creamery that he founded would eventually be known as Marin French Cheese Company.

Still Following Processes Created Long Ago

The company has grown in many ways, over the years, and the cheesemakers have been inspired to add new cheeses, different flavors and sizes to the Marin collection. To this day, Jefferson Thompson’s pioneering spirit still guides processes at Marin. At Marin French Cheese Company, the quality measure is its taste of authenticity.  See all the awards Marin French Cheese Company have accumulated.

The cheeses Marin French Cheese Company produces, while different in style and type, have many things in common – they are all handcrafted with passion, created with pride and made of the highest quality milk for a distinctive, authentic taste true to Marin County roots.

The Marin French Cheese Company produces cheeses like:

  • Classic Traditional Brie
  • Classic Triple Creme Brie
  • Classic Camembert
  • Petite Cendree -- 2016 sofi award finalist
  • Petite Jalapeno
  • Petite Breakfast
  • Petite Creme
  • Petite Camembert
  • Petite Truffle
  • Petite Supreme
  • American Schloss
  • Flavored Triple Creme With Truffles

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