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INNA Jam's Founder Dafna Kory Simply Jams

INNA JAM started when founder Dafna Kory had a craving for jalepeño jam after trying some at a friends Thanksgiving party. Since she could not find any, what else was there to do but make her own. It started off with a small batch that she could share with her neighbors, she never would have guessed that business would be lining up down the street. From there she started a kickstarter campaign that exceeded expectations raising over $25,000, and INNA Jam “has grown from a one-woman team making all the jams and delivering jars by bike, to a fully-staffed commercial kitchen distributing jams to stores and other locations all over the Bay Area and beyond.”

Dafna Delivering On Her Bike

Dafna was interviewed on Punk Domestics Blog and had this to say about how she developed her initial recipes, and the "aha" moments.

“Well, pretty early on I decided that I prefer single varietal jams; jams that feature one fruit, not combinations or layering of different flavors. So my goal from the beginning has been to come up with recipes that really allow the fruit to shine, and to capture that unique fresh fruit flavor as best I can. I guess my aha moment was when I was still a hobbyist and experimenting with foraged fruit from my neighborhood: I realized it was only when I was preserving not-that-great fruit that I was reaching for herbs and spices and liqueurs to boost the flavor. Whenever I was working with really great fruit there was so much nuance, complexity and flavor in the perfectly ripe fruit that it needed nothing else. So I decided to work with only top-grade super high quality organic fruit grown by local farmers and really focus on the subtleties of each varietal's flavors.”

The Victory Garden's Edible Feast, Episode 5: The Bay Area from Edible Feast on Vimeo.

Always fresh and truly magnificent. Using only the freshest, fruits and vegetables from local sources INNA and the “Jambots” have their work cutout selecting seasonal fruits, pickles, juices and more. INNA is known for single varietal jams using seasonal produce for example, “even though jalapeños are available year-round at the supermarket, local jalapeños are only in season July-November, so that’s when we make our jalapeño jam.” says Dafna. Guaranteed freshness, what more could anyone ask for?

INNA prides themselves in not throwing in all of the extra additives like you would see in any other jam in the grocery store. “Each jar is a time capsule of flavor,” with the taste of a variety of fresh fruits waiting to go straight to your belly. Their great quality and freshness may be one of the reasons why they received recognition from The Good Food Awards. Being ahead of the curve, many health concerns are met and taken care of in INNA’s facility.  It’s free of gluten, tree nuts, peanuts, dairy, eggs, fish, shellfish, and meat, making all of the products entirely allergen free!

There’s a little something for everyone adding INNA products to some of your favorite recipes.

Start your morning off right with breakfast jam straws, then have a nice afternoon snack of ham biscuit sliders, then have a classy dinner with a twist featuring scallops with apricot sauce, after your long day kick back and relax with a chilled shrub cocktail, and finally cap your night off with a quick bite to eat with a delicious jam tart.  

Dafna been branching out with another project. The Riddler, a highly anticipated, all women-funded Champagne bar, finally opened its doors. The restaurant offers a large list of over 100 Champagne selections with a focus on vintage wines and specific grower-producers and founder Jen Pelka enlisted the help of other female badasses in the food industry to create a menu of small bites that pair well with wine. Collaborators include Deborah Keane of California Caviar, Dafna Kory of INNA Jam, Kelly McVicker of McVicker Pickles, and more.

The Riddler has an item on the menu that features her Dapple Dandy Plout jam. “The Dapple Dandy variety pluots (sometimes called “dinosaur eggs”) are some of the first pluot hybrids and feature a distinct, signature tartness which has unfortunately been bred out of newer varieties. This slow-cooked jam features that bright tartness front and center, along with luscious sweetness and classic, cherry-like pluot flavors. A pluot, by the way, is a natural cross between plums and apricots.”

INNA Obsidian Blackberry Jam, grown near Davis, California, is used in the February 2017 Vino Pair. Obsidian blackberries have a deep and intense flavor due to being early-season fruit. The farmers who grow these obsidian blackberries call them "the jammer's delight" because of their great balance between sweet and tart. This jam features a wonderful wild foresty blackberry flavor with notes of spicy clove.

Obsidian Blackberries

Cannot wait to see what Dafna cooks up next.

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