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Busseto Foods starts with simple ingredients and slow cures its products using time-honored techniques to achieve authentic flavor and exceptional quality meats.

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Being the new kid on the block, Busseto Foods, started in 1981 as Rapelli of California, then changed its name to Busseto Foods in 1997.  The name was chosen by no accident, Busseto is actually a quaint village located in the Parma region of Northern Italy that’s surrounded by famous place names like Bologna, Parma, Genoa and Milano.  Busseto is such a cool Italian name as it rolls off the tongue, but it’s even cooler knowing it’s near places steeped in tradition.  As of May 31, 2007, Busseto Foods, Inc. operates as a subsidiary of the older, 200 year old company, Salumificio Fratelli Beretta S.p.A.

Herbs De Provence Salami

Using traditional Italian recipes and time honored methods of the old-world, Busseto Foods is committed to creating the best products while bringing new innovations to their product line.

Busseto Foods makes several types of cured meats including many varieties of salami and prosciutto.  They have pepper loaf salami, robusto salami, gentile salami, herbs de provence salami, rosette de lyon salami, vino rosa salami, sliced prosciutto and so much more.

Located in beautiful Fresno, California, Busseto produces 15 million pounds of salami each year and processes 2,500 prosciutto legs each week.

I’m assuming everyone has seen how popular charcuterie plates are becoming.  It seems like every new restaurant I visit seems to offer some type of charcuterie plate, and I like it.  Busseto Foods is riding this new wave of charcuterie restaurants by focusing on quality, but it’s not easy.

Busseto charcuterie plate

“The world is getting a lot smaller. People are watching the Food Network and doing more European travel, so they’re not thinking of prosciutto as just ham,” says Paul Gillum, vice president of operations at Fresno, California-based Busseto Foods, makers of specialty meat products all based on centuries-old Italian recipes. “That is helping us tremendously!” [1]

Busseto Foods’ mission is “From our family to yours, we proudly bring our passion to your plate.” It takes lots of effort and skill, aside from passion to make the finest in Italian-style specialty meats.  Busseto serves markets in the US, Mexico, and Japan.

You can find Busseto Foods Rosette De Lyon salami in the November 2016 Vino Pair box.  You can also find Busetto Foods online at:

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