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Bella Bella Gourmet Foods Fist Bump Good

Bella Bella Gourmet Food Products

With a logo that includes fist bumping hands coming at you with tattooed fingers spelling the words Foie Gras, it appears Bella Bella Gourmet Foods is different. Working with them, receiving their product, and tasting the product, and you'll soon realize what they stand for - Simplicity and quality.

Bella Bella Gourmet Foods Logo

From the Bella Bella website, "Bella Bella Gourmet Foods is your direct source for foie gras, specialty meat, poultry, and game birds. We represent a group of farms in Sullivan County, NY that grow heirloom breeds of Chickens, Poussin, Partridge, Moulard Duck, Quail, Pintade, Rabbit, Mallard Duck, & Foie Gras."

They've been producing these items for over 25 years, and continue to create wholesome, unique products to share with customers and chefs.

Bella Bella is known for superior quality Foie Gras using crossbred Moulard ducks from Sullivan NY and there refined production process which yields great tasting product, while rendering off less fat than other producers. The result is amazing! Foie Gras selections include grade A, B, C and well as Euro, Petite and sliced Foie Gras.

Heirloom chickens, smoked duck drummettes, pastrami duck breast, corned duck breast, smoked duck breast, sausages, bacon, and a bunch of other products are available on the Bella Bella Gourmet Foods website.

Watch Chef Bob Ambrose, of Bella Bella, create a duck and foie gras, carmelized onion jam, and chiplote mayo burger.

VinoPair is using the Bella Bella Smoked Duck Breast in one it's pairings.