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Hillside Honey Apiary

Hillside Honey Apiary

Vino Pair is proud to welcome Hillside Honey Apiary to our list of producers and is excited to offer raw, unpasteurized honey in our pairings.  

Hillside Honey Apiary is a family-owned and operated business located in beautiful Easton, Kansas. Hillside Honey Apiary offers unpasteurized, raw honey and a variety of all-natural, preservative-free and synthetic-free beeswax and honey skin care products. Hillside Honey Apiary extracts, renders wax, bottles honey and makes all of products on location, in a State Certified food processing kitchen located in Easton, Kansas.

The hives are located at a variety of bee yards located up and down the Missouri River Valley that include Weston, Platte City, Rushville and St. Joseph, MO as well as all over the Easton and Leavenworth, KS area

Hillside Honey Apiary
started with three bee hives in 2006.  Soon there after, the owners of Hillside Honey Apiary bought an old high school, built in 1920, in Easton, Kansas.  Hillside Honey Apiary went from 3 to 40 hives overnight and have started the transformation of the old High School into an educational Apiary and beekeeping experience for all to enjoy. 

Hillside Honey Apiary are now at approximately 80 hives and have hopes of growing to 200 hives in a few years. A limited numbers of educational tours are now offered.  Please contact us for more information. Hillside Honey Apiary offers additional bee keeping equipment and package bees, too.

VinoPair suggests pairing Hillside Honey with Humboldt Fog cheese.

Hillside Honey Apiary
531 Dawson Street
Easton KS 66020
(913) 773-0157