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The Bacon Jams - Spreadable Bacon, Finally!

I’m a sucker for a success story. Check this one out. This is a story about bacon jam.  

But first, what’s bacon jam?  

Ba~con: /noun/ the side of a pig, cured and smoked.  
Jam: /noun/ a food made by boiling fruit (or bacon) and sugar to a thick consistency.  

How do you make it?  

Step 1 - Procure quality bacon, ingredients and spices.
Step 2 - Prepare and cook ingredients using systematic reduction process.
Step 3 - Cool and refrigerate, then enjoy.

Whether you call it jam, preserve, chutney, jelly, or marmalade... It is the goodness you get from reducing bacon, brown sugar or honey, and other quality ingredients and reduce into an addictive delicious spread.

Mike Oraschewsky, aptly named, the Chief Executive Boar, raises 15k in a Kickstarter campaign, creates a sweet-savory bacon product and then spreads it around the world. That would be great if it was the entire story, but it’s not. There’s more.

It all started when Mike was 14 and began working in restaurant business bussing tables. He worked his way up to the kitchen. Following in the footsteps of father and grandfather, also chefs, Mike started his own restaurant at the ripe age of 23.

Mike learned many lessons while running the restaurant for 10 years, but eventually sold it to pursue other interests in the food industry. At about the same time, Mike was introduced to Bruce Kramer’s homemade bacon jam and he used it in the restaurant. Playing around with recipes, there were three flavors that were decided on; red chile and garlic, black pepper, and all original.

Then came the KickStarter campaign. If you know anything about Kickstarter, it’s all about the video. The Bacon Jams did not disappoint either. The Kickstarter video has a bluesy track playing as background music, and then a scratchy-throated man explains The Bacon Jams and what they’re all about. Wonder if the man’s voice in the video is none other than Flat James, the Bacon Jams Mascot.  See for yourself.

Flat James - The Bacon Jams Mascot.

Flat James - The Bacon Jams Mascot
Part of selling bacon jam is educating people what it is and how to use it. That was illustrated best when Mike showed people bacon jam and their initial reaction is silence, then a confused look with a smile.

It all started with these five.

Today, The Bacon Jams are sold in 46 states and distributed in over 500 retail locations.

Even President Obama has tried The Bacon Jams.

Spreadable bacon, finally! Thank you The Bacon Jams!