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According to Blue Chair Fruit Company’s website, Blue Chair Fruit Company is a premier artisanal jam and marmalade company located in the United States.  Blue Chair’s highest priority is using organic and sustainably grown fruit from local growers, and preserving that vibrant fruit flavor by utilizing traditional methods and creating mixtures that appeal to modern taste sensibilities.

Vino Pair thinks Blue Chair Fruit Company is so much more.  Why?

Blue Chair Fruit is famous for its unusual flavors, which range from simple (Greengage Jam, Lime Marmalade) to complex (Quince-Orange Marmalade, Orange-Kumquat Marmalade with Cardamom & Saffron).  There are very few producers who are willing to take flavor chances like Blue Chair does.

Founded in 2008 by Rachel Saunders.  Rachel spent 16 exhausting years researching fruit and preserving techniques trying to perfect her style.  Since then, she’s authored The Blue Chair Jam Cookbook and the Blue Chair Cooks with Jam & Marmalade to showcase her passion.  The cookbooks showcase all the possibilities for using jam and marmalades that are both delightful and unexpected.  Whether it’s cocktails, cake, soup or sausage — there’s always a place in your life for sweet or savory additions that create new and delicious flavor affinities.

Rachel hard at work making jam.

All the jams and marmalades are made by hand using French, Mauviel copper jam pans which helps with heat distribution, does not react with the sugars, and enhances the flavors of the fruits.  Blue Chair even offers the copper pan on the online store.   50-100 flavors of jam and marmalades made in small batches by about 4 people results in 1000 jars of truly-artisanal jam a week.

Since starting Blue Chair Fruit Company, Rachel and her team have grown the business and are now expanding operations.  They offer starter kits for anyone wanting to get into the art of making jams and marmalades.  Rachel’s now an educator.  Are you ready to learn how to make jams and marmalades the Blue Chair Fruit way?  There are regular scheduled classes online or if you’re in the Oakland, CA area, you can attend a live class.

Rachel showing off her jam-making prowless on the Martha Stewart Show

Rachel encourages her students to choose their own fruits when making jams and marmalades in class.  This connects the student, more-deeply, with the ingredients and the preserving process to obtain a greater result.  Rachel has perfected a critical process that helps determine if a jam or marmalade is done.  A small sample is transferred to a frozen metal spoon, then placed in the freezer to quickly chill to room temperature. Spoons are placed in the freezer before any jams or marmalades are created.