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Thinking Bigger Brew :30 Event

Vino Pair At Thinking Bigger's Brew :30 Event

Mindy and I don't get out from our cave space in the Parkville Commercial Underground often enough. When we do, we like to have loads of fun and that's just what happened Oct 13th at the Cinder Block Brewery.

Thinking Bigger Business Media's popular Brew :30 event was what brought everyone together. The quarterly Brew :30 event aims to showcase new KC business start-ups with a short Q&A session, then networking galore.

Vino Pair was there with FireBoard Labs LLC, Virtutecture, and Etch.

Companies On Tap - Brew :30 - Thinking Bigger Business Media

Fireboard Labs LLC has created a smart thermometer. It's a modern temperature tracking solution that was designed to utilize mobile access and cloud storage for anytime access.

Virtutecture makes super-realistic virtual reality simulations for architecture, real estate, and engineering firms. Go checkout their website and see for yourself. Simply amazing work!

Last but not least was Etch. Their mission statement is "We exist to equip, encourage, and elevate each other to live together with Christ—extraordinarily." They achieve this by creating an ever-growing line of products for a Christ-centered Heart.

Vino Pair was able to offer two amazing bites. First, the espresso-pressed cheese, black currant jam, table cracker, cocktail onion, and thyme bite was served. There was also the flory's truckle aged cheddar, crustini, roasted red pepper, and dried cranberry bite. Both so different. Both so fun.

Vino Pair Bites

By the end of the night, there were those that stood with the espresso-pressed flavor bomb, and those that endeared the flory's truckle bite. It's so much fun watching someones face while they consume a bite for the first time. The roller coaster of flavor they experience in their mouth sometimes comes out as funny facial contortions. I love it.

Cinder Block Brewery Reclamation Room

Mindy and I have not been to the Cinder Block Brewery before, but would love to come back when we are not working. The place has an old reclaimed wood, concrete look and a cool vibe. Mindy had the Amigoni wine and I enjoyed a few of their brews; Northtown Native Ale and a Session IPA. Very refreshing flavors.

Would like to thank American Family Insurance, Fresh Approach Cleaning Professionals LLC, Principal, and SipVine for sponsoring the event. Also, Thinking Bigger Business Media for having us. Thank you to all.


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