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Picnic With Wine - Gift Ideas

If you have not considered, you should think about giving wine picnicking gifts at Christmas to your favorite picnicking family members and friends! Why? There are so many creative and fun tools than just the basic picnic basket that make wine picnicking so much more fun. Plus, picnicking gets you outdoors, is stress-relieving, relaxing, and is a great way to spend an afternoon. Here are some wine picnicking gift ideas!

You need liquids when you picnic.

Today, I see just about everyone carrying some type of liquid vessel attached to their body, in their backpack, etc. The Flask2Go is not just another liquid vessel. It's durable, like other vessels, so you can use it over and over again, but the Flask2Go is also rollable so it fits in your pocket when you're done with it. Made from BPA-free materials, the Flask2Go has zero taste transfer when filled with any drink of your choice.


If you are looking for something larger than the Flask2Go that's also discrete, then take a look at the Wine Sack. It's more like a wine purse to me. It holds a massive three liters of boxed wine. Purchase three liters of your favorite boxed wine, remove the box from your boxed wine, then slide the bag into this purse and you're good to go.

Wine Sack

For the most enjoyable wine, it's important to consider the temperature of the wine when you drink it. During picnic conditions there could be duration of time when you are traveling or hiking to your destination and the wine is out-of-your-control, subject to the elements.  

How do you chill your wine for a picnic? What's your strategy?

Chill before then walk fast?  
Lug a clunky, heavy cooler to put the wine in?  
Tuck it in the picnic basket and hope for the best?

Perhaps you should consider using a True - Bottle Bubble Ice Bag instead. Made from durable PVC, the Bottle Bubble Ice Bags are portable, collapsible, reusable, and are large enough to hold champagne bottles. Perfect for the frequent or one-time picnicker. 

Bottle Bubble Ice Bag


The Bottle Bubble Ice Bags are clear, so be sure to check the open container laws in your picnic area since this makes you a sitting duck for an enforcement officer.  

Once you get to your picnic location, your are going to need some tools. Depending on if you end up on the beach or in the mountains, here are a few choices.

Take wine to your favorite locales without having to worry about spills with a bamboo wine table. It's designed to work with any stemmed wine or champagne glass and sticks directly into the ground or sand. The portable wine table holds glasses steady and has a small surface for a light snack.

Bamboo Wine Table

Here's another product to help steady your wine. The Tovolo Steady Sticks Wine Bottle Holder is a great solution for keeping opened bottles of wine and champagne from tipping over or spilling. Made from durable stainless steel, the sticks easily push into the ground with little effort, and securely balances your bottle.  

Tovolo Steady Sticks - Wine Bottle Holder

If you are going to have your wine bottle in Tovolo Steady Sticks, then why not have your stemware steadied too. Tovolo also offers a set of 2 Steady Sticks Wine Glass Holders. Just like the Steady Sticks Wine Bottle Holder, the stainless steel holders slide easily into the ground, and are perfect for picnicking.

Tovolo Steady Sticks - Wine Glass Holders

You may want a cutting board, too. Here's a cutting board that's portable and compact with a hidden slide-out drawer that holds three different stainless steel knifes. It folds up to be only one-quarter of its original size, so it's super compact.

Fold Up Cutting Board

Who doesn’t want to sit in style? For your next picnic, you might want to try out this custom bear skin-shaped picnic blanket perfectly designed for function and style. It's gingham, has a waterproof backing, easily folds up, and comes with a carrying handle. What more could you ask for in a picnic basket?

Bear Skin Rub Shaped Gingham Picnic Blanket

If you have not found what you are looking for, see these must have wine accessories.

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