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Easter Feast With Wine Pairings

Easter is the perfect time to gather the family around the dinner table and share a huge meal.  Mindy and I have collected some recipes that remind us of our family easter dinners growing up, and have selected some wines that we feel are going to match well with each course.  


An amazingly delicious pecan, apricot, and brie appetizer from Savory Experiments begins this Easter meal as the appetizer.  Pair a riesling with this course.

Appetizer - Pecan Apricot Brie Cheese with Cranberries.


The fresh broccoli salad, a recipe from Alton Brown, is a clone of the salad my grandmother made for our Easter Sunday meal.  Again, pair a riesling with this course.

Salad - Broccoli Hazelnut Grape Tomato Salad

Main Course

For the main dish, Mindy and I selected a cola and brown sugar baked ham from South Your Mouth.  There's something extra special about the cola and brown sugar when used to baste a ham. With the ham, pair with an Italian barbaresco.

Main Dish - Cola brown sugar based ham


This creamy, three-pea vegetable trifecta with snow peas, snap peas, and english peas, from the Food Network, will stand up with the cola, brown sugar ham. This vegetable dish will pair well with a pinot noir.

Vegetable - Creamy spring peas snap peas snow peas pancetta

Side Dish

This asparagus cheese tart, also from the Food Network, is a unique combination of flavors and textures that will accompany this meal well. The gruyere and fontina, in this side dish, just beg for a sauvignon blanc to pair with.

Side dish - Asparagus cheese tart.


Finally, this green-tea mixed honeysuckle cake, from My Recipes, is the perfect accentuation of Easter.  Pair it with a chilled ice wine.

Dessert - Green tea honeysuckle cake

Please have a happy and safe Easter!  Hope you enjoy your meal and family time.

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