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Vino Pair Engages Chowhound's Experts

What's Chowhound?  It's an online food/drink forum/community that's stood the test of time.  It's been around for 20+ years.  With it's 1,000,000+ pages, and lots of communities, Chowhound allows food enthusiasts to discover the best recipes and resources for cooking, eating, growing and making food.  

So, here's the Chowhound test.

Could a classic bite like blue cheese, honey, pears, and walnuts be taken to a new level?   

Mindy and I challenged the Chowhound experts to improve the flavor and were blown away with all the suggestions. 

Here's our findings.

1. Lime Zest - @Karl S suggestion
2. Candied Walnut - Sugar and spice blend. - @TTrockwood recommendation
3. Thyme
4. Pepper flavor - whether in the cracker or as arugula - @Small h, @TTrockwood
5. Crustini - Light chew factor, big crunch - melts in your mouth - @Hillfood suggestion.
6. Pomegranate seeds - @thimes recommended

Several other recommendations, like fennel pollen, balsamic reduction, garlic-rubbed crustini were not tried in the video. All the other options were however.

Mindy and I would like to thank everyone on Chowhound for participating in our experiment.  Let us know your thoughts so we can improve the video for next time.

Some of the changes that are already on the list.

  • Lower the audio - too many dog biscuits.
  • Shorten the video - it's too long.

Here's more about the history of Chowhound. was formed in 2006 when the Internet media company CNET Networks bought a San Francisco–based print magazine called CHOW and a long-standing New York–based discussion-forum website called Chowhound. CNET was acquired by CBS in 2008. Chowhound is now a part of CBS Interactive.

Prior to its acquisition by CNET, CHOW magazine had published four issues, beginning in November 2004. Early pieces included "Why Are Shopping Carts So Hard to Steer?," a profile of Gabrielle Hamilton written by Anthony Bourdain, and a story on smuggling illegal cheeses.

Chowhound was started in 1997 as a message board for people to trade information about where to find good food. You can read more about the early days of Chowhound in Calvin Trillin's 2001 New Yorker story "New Grub Streets."

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