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Welcome To Vino Pair.

We're thrilled to be able to "speak" to our customers. It's the best part of our day - through calls, emails, social media and now this blog! 

The main idea is to #PairAndShare ideas with you and get feedback. We want to reveal important things we’ve been up to: events, new products ideas, and even some of our wine pairing tips and tricks.

As you may have heard, Vino Pair offers chef-inspired, hand-selected food and wine pairings shipped directly to your business or house. Our team works hard to uncover the highest quality, most unique products that are designed to elevate wine and food pairing to the next level. 

Let us tell you about a couple of our new product vendors.

The Pernicious Pickling Company! (cool name, huh?) It's a husband and wife team out of Los Angeles, California who started making unique pickled products they both enjoyed as kids but couldn’t find any more.

Hillside Honey Apiary is in Leavenworth, Kansas and is by the Martin family who started the business after the father, Ty, retired from the Army after two tours in Iraq and Afghanistan.  The unique placement of the hives in locations along the Missouri River basin allows Ty to harvest amazing clover honey.

The Bacon Jams produces the best bacon jam in the world – and that’s a fact! The slightly salty, sweet blessing of a spread is crazy good by itself, but, dare I say, even better with cheese and wine. Spread on crackers with goat cheese and drink with an Oregon Pinot Noir for an amazing experience.

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