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Sink Your Teeth Into Flory's Truckle

The dense and opulent Flory's Truckle is absolutely amazing. At $30 a pound, limited in production, and apparently, it is a joy to sink your teeth into when you can get it.

Mindy and I traveled to Jamesport, MO to get our hands on some.

Last week, while researching cheddar cheese, I came across a few cheese experts describing Flory's Truckle as some of the best aged cheddar cheese available in the United States. When I learned that Flory's Truckle was produced in Missouri, I immediately looked up where. I was excited to learn it was made so close to Kansas City. About 85 miles to the Northwest, in the Amish community of Jamesport, MO. I had to get some.

Determining a route, loading the kids in the car, and grabbing the cooler was the easy part. Now, I needed to drive 85 miles and needed some motivation. That firm and nutty Flory's Truckle was so close I could almost taste it.

The drive up to Jamesport was beautiful. Everything was perfect until I started to get closer to Homestead Creamery. The roads got horribly muddy and complicated to navigate, especially when a horse-draw buggy would bounce by on the opposite side of the narrow roads.

As I got closer to Jamesport, I noticed something unique about the asphalt. There is a depression in the road from where the horse gallops. The odd thing is that the depression is only on one side. Feels like your car is uneven while coming into town.

After one or two miles of muddy road, Homestead Creamery was spotted. It's a beautiful place.

 Entrance To Homestead Creamery
Inside the Homestead Creamery

As you pull-in, there's a small pond, several out buildings, and clear directions where to pull-in and park. The road was gravel, so that was a step up from the muddy roads leading up to the creamery.

When Mindy and I walked in there were a few others in the store, shopping. There was an Amish girl in the back selling handmade jewelry. Some, she claimed, was just made that morning. How creative! There were three to four Amish girls ranging in age from 15 - 7 that were also there, running the store.

I went for the refrigerator. Looking for the Truckle.

 The refrigerator where Flory's Truckle lives

Behold - there it was. Flory's Truckle stands about 20 inches tall and weighs in between 21-22 pounds. It's a hideous brown-looking sphere of cheese. Brown and crusty on the outside due to a year of aging. The outside is also coated with lard to protect it during the aging process. This results in a think, dark, crusty, dry rind that's hard to cut.

 A Truckle of Flory's Aged Cheddar

All I could say to myself was, "Don't fear the rind. Prepare yourself for what's deep inside!"

There was 3 pounds of Flory's Truckle cut up, cryo-vaced and I grabbed it all. Mindy was over trying cheese samples as I walked up with the cheese and started to check out. The process was so smooth. Amazingly efficient little girls working together to make my experience perfect.

It was poetry in motion. One girl answered my questions, one took my money, the other packaged the cheese in a plastic bag. She fluffed the bag with a proud look in her eye and a smile on her face as the bag was being tied. The girls were also glad to hear I brought my own cooler. Some people forget, they said, so that's why they carried cooler bags at the checkout.

I joked that the cheese was not all for me. I was having a party and inviting my friends to enjoy it. I said, "If they liked it, I might want to return to buy a truckle. How do I go about doing that?"

The oldest spoke up and said I could call ahead or order and they could ship it. I immediately thought let Fed Ex navigate those muddy roads.

Coming home was much better than going up. The truckle was in the trunk and I was on my way home to eat some. My mindset was different.

 A Huge Slice Of Flory's Truckle

Mindy and I opened a Pinot Noir and cut off some Flory's Truckle and sat down outside. The cheese was crumbly, dense, bold, nutty, rich, thick, dry, sharp, earthy with a nutty finish and paired well with the wine.

Look for Flory's Truckle in a Vino Pair coming very soon!

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