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Chef Nathan Decaro

Twenty Questions With Chef Nathan Decaro of Pro Athlete Inc.

When did you know you wanted to be a chef?

I did my college internship at Disney World. I started cooking for my roommates and they all really liked it. A year later I was in Culinary School.

Who are your influencers?

My main influencers are Chef Rod Dalzell and Chef Felix Sturmer. Chef Rob taught me about motivation and drive. He showed me what it took to make it in the kitchen. Chef Sturmer was my first chef. He taught me the classic skills I needed to become a great cook.

Where did you learn - tell us your story.

I learned at Johnson County Community College. While I was at school I was on the culinary team. This gave me the extra skill that really helped propel me into the kitchen.

What do you most love about being a chef?

Making people happy.

How long have you been cooking?

16 years

Describe your style in three words?

Consistent Tasty Easy

Fork, spoon, or knife - why?

Knife. You can cut and pick up food with it.

Describe the perfect kitchen?

In the mountains with large windows.

Who haven’t you cooked for that you would like to - why?

I would like to cook for Chef Felix Sturmer. To show him the time he put into was not wasted. 

What’s the most ideal herb, seasoning, or flavoring?


What’s your latest cooking technique - how are your results?

About a month ago I did Brazilian food for the first time. Food was really tasty and I love the cheese bread's I made.

What’s the most decadent meal you’ve ever cooked?

I would say most of the stuff I did in culinary school. Classic French dishes like Lobster Thermidor.

Who’s your biggest supporter?

My wife and kids

What would be your last meal?

Over medium eggs, Bacon, Hash browns, Toast, Coffee 

What restaurant do you eat at on your day off?

The last couple times out has been to Il lazzarone.

What’s your most favorite kitchen equipment or gadget?


What’s your favorite wine?

Pinot Noir

How do you stay current with all the new trends?

I really like checking out new restaurant websites and reading menus. I also have a large cookbook selection.

What advice do you have for new chefs just getting started?

Be prepared to work long hours and learn how to be hospitable.

What do you do on your days off?

Spend time with my wife and two daughters. I always seem to be cooking on the weekends too.

Nathan serving up some homemade rabbit ravioli.

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